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welcome to the portal

You are here at the most perfect time. I know you came here for more than just a normal boring existence, yet things may feel a little rough at the moment. Let's recalibrate your energy to attract more of what you desire + get you back to thriving. 

An ex partner of mine once told me that I changed their life by making them hotter.


We ran into each other after breaking up + they told me that I changed their life by raising their vibration + making them more attractive.

I asked how? How did I make them hotter? They said that I taught them how to eat better, raised their vibe with some mindset work, made them be more active to hang out with me... which made them more fit + healthier, happier, confident... therefor more attractive to others. I had helped them reprogram their manifesting magnet. They had recently attracted the love of their life + felt super grateful.

It wasn't the first time someone had said this to me. I've also heard that my energy is addictive.

People tell me they just feel better after being around me.

When people come in my house, they are always like "wow I love the energy in here. It feels so nice." Yah, that's not the house, babe, it's my energy you're feeling. lol

After a few years of learning more about human design + then a few more of living according to my energy type {how I interact with the world around me} + authority {how I make decisions}, I suddenly realized how much more peaceful + satisfied I felt about everything. I see the gifts in things that used to feel like faults. For example... I used to waste my time helping people that didn't even want my help.


See, I have a completely open head center in human design. This naturally has me obsessed with solving problems  + creating peace of mind...


not only in my own life, but also in the energy of the collective.

{and the lives of my family + friends... eek! poor dears...} 

This energy could easily have me nosy af, in everyone's business, acting like a know it all, forcing my ideas + energy on people who didn't ask for advice. And maybe I was like that at some point, lol.

In order to turn this energy into a gift, I felt called to step up in sacred service to the collective as a practitioner + find the right people to share this gift with. People that WANT my help, that come to me because they are ready for quantum leaps, huge growth spurts + massive uplevels in their life...

I know this to be true:

  •   My energy makes people feel peaceful, receptive + open to new possibilities
  •   I can sense what limiting beliefs + energy blocks are coming up + the medicine needed to facilitate healing
  •   I see what action steps need to happen to create shifts to uplevel very quickly
  •   I have the ability to motivate people with my defined solar plexus energy
  •   I am an amplifier, an inspiration, a mentor, a guide
  •   I make people hotter + I am here to help you step up into the next version of yourself



I am here to witness you rise like the phoenix

I have gone through some massive glow ups myself over the years. I've been through some really rough times, not gonna lie. I used to feel really stuck + lost as to what to do next. I was caught up in unhealthy habits trying to be someone I wasn't meant to be.

When new challenges come up for me now, I use the protocols I've developed + I get through it all so much easier than I used to. I am growing + manifesting what I want faster than ever before.

I'm always growing + constantly upleveling!














  • first, you notice your energy is off

  • you feel the loss of ease + flow

  • then, you start getting toxic

  • your life becomes more stressful

  • from here, you manifest all kinds of obstacles for yourself to overcome: chronic illness, addiction, anxiety, etc...

  • this is where you slip into survival mode

You can empower yourself by reconnecting with your intuition + rising above the survival mode story you came here to overcome.






I'm AJ Hayman

Holistic Health Practitioner + Hypnotherapist

Vibrational Medicine Therapist

I am here to help you through this shift + to create momentum to get you moving forward.


I am here to introduce you to your higher self + how it speaks to you through your intuition...

To help you heal your grief, to reconcile what no longer is, with what is happening right now in your current state.

To shift your mindset in order for you to witness how you can align your energy with your actions to help you go from your current state to your desired state... to manifest the life you deserve.



oh, and by the way...


you require high vibe fuel now. You can't "just get by" any longer

It's time to step up + take responsibility for your energetic health

You will witness a whole new you emerge from the ashes of who you used to be.

with this powerful activation:


  • You'll learn more about yourself through witnessing your higher self blueprint so that I can reintroduce you to your intuition {AKA: your higher self} + break down how you best make decisions.
  • You'll then be able to identify your biggest blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your desires.
  • I use hypnosis + alpha state meditation techniques to get you into a relaxed state of being where you are receptive to new ideas, new paradigms, new possibilities.
  • We then work on the limiting beliefs that cause these blockages so that we can free you from the pain + reframe your views on what is possible for you. You'll see exactly why everything had to happen the way it did you bring you here right now.
  • There we meet your guides + I teach you how to channel information from this space.
  • We do an energetic cleanse where you cut all energetic cords that are attached to you so that you can come back to yourself fully. That way you can see what's you + what is others. I like to call it my energetic elimination diet.
  • You'll connect with your body + learn to nurture yourself. Connect back with your intuition. Get to know yourself in a whole new way. With the view of your higher self.
  • You will then get information on your next steps forward from your higher self so that you can plan how to use your newly freed up energy most efficiently.
  • I’ll show you how to instantly shift your worry + anxiety into excitement + inspired action. This technique works like a charm every time, getting you back to feeling grounded + focused very quickly, SO THAT YOU'LL NEVER FEEL STUCK AGAIN!
  • I'll give you the tools you need to get back into alignment when you fall into survival mode in the future, because it will happen. This helps you to shorten your bounceback time into thrive mode, quickly returning you to responding as your higher self.



I will teach you how to use higher brain states to connect with your intuition. You'll learn how to channel information + understand what your intuition is saying to you.


Since you are more sensitive, you tend to feel things in your body, like info, emotions, other people's energy, etc... Being able to clear this + get back to thrive mode is essential.


Once you align with your higher self, you need tools to help you stay in thrive mode. From self hypnosis to emotional acupressure, You'll have everything you need continue to thrive.

"I see myself so differently now. I appreciate the things about myself that I always disliked because I thought I wasn't good enough. Now that I know my gifts, I can use them to move forward in a way that really makes me happy!"

-Kori F.

"I loved the support, knowing I wasn't the only one going through all these energy shifts, feeling overwhelmed and lost."

Amber T.
past group participant

not sure you wanna commit to a whole year?

find out about other ways of working with me


"Before working with AJ, I felt so stuck. I kept manifesting the same crappy situations. It was everything I didn't want. After working with AJ I have so much more clarity and I am manifesting what I want" -Kathy R


"I felt like I spent my whole life doing what I thought I should do, what others expected of me, what I saw other people doing successfully. I was really good at helping everyone around me to be successful, yet I failed in my own life." -Teresa H


"I signed up for the VIP version because I knew I needed the extra help. After my first 1:1 session where we went over my human design chart and ayurvedic assessment, I learned more about my souls purpose, what I came here to be, but also what I wasn’t here for... I uncovered so many limiting beliefs that I carried about myself." -Penny R


"Using the techniques that AJ taught me allowed me to go back in my life and discover the root of these limiting beliefs that were holding me back and clear them. After that, I was able to show up and be myself and accept myself with so much more confidence. I felt so called to take to inspired action that I immediately signed up for a life coaching certification to help me develop my gifts. Now I help people that actually value my advice!" -Sandra F


"I feel so much more satisfaction in my life. I feel so purposeful in my sacred service of assisting other woman who have gone through the issues I have experienced in my life. I learned that my difficulties occurred to teach me how to help them." -Elizabeth M


"As a result of having more confidence in myself, I feel so much more satisfied in my relationship with my husband. It feels as if it has transformed into the soulmate connection that I always desired, but thought I would never have. My relationship with my kids has shifted too. My relationships with my extended family, my parents, and siblings has improved as well." -Angela T


"The mirror that AJ has held up for me has been so immensely helpful for me, as it has allowed me to let go of so many bad habits that were no longer serving me. I have stopped trying to force my advice on those that don't ask for it. I have also let go of expecting people to heal and grow according to my timeline. I trust that they can heal in their own perfect timing." -Tracy U

"I have learned how to make decisions that work for me. I've stopped trying to force myself into what I thought I should be, and I allow myself to shine as my higher self that I came here to be without judging myself. Now I am attracting what I truly desire and I'm living my life more authentically." -Gretta B


"I feel more peaceful and energized. Thankful and grateful for the experience that I went through to get here. It was worth the work that I did to take responsibility for my life." -Polly L


 There is a powerful transformation waiting for you on the other side of this. I can't wait to meet you there.

xo, AJ


Discover how you can use your unique qualities to your advantage instead of feeling like you're never good enough because you don't "fit in"



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