2023 year ahead human design 1:1 session

Prepare for 2023 + the energies that will be guiding you as you step into the next version of yourself.


Human Design shows you how to access your body’s wisdom as a decision-making tool, which shows you how how to live as who you came here to be. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that shows you how you are unique, guiding you to live in a way that is in sync with who you are. When we live in alignment with our true nature, we begin to experience ease + acceptance for who we are, instead of trying to be who we think we should be due to external pressures of the world around us. Then we’re able to live out our soul's true purpose in the world, which feels so satisfying.


So here's how we'll use Human Design to create a guide for 2023 for you:

Every year, the sun travels through each of the 64 gates of the human design system, activating energy within us that guides us into reflection as we travel on our path of awareness.

This is similar to how the sun goes through all of the astrological signs throughout the year.

As it goes through each gate, depending on what gates are activated in your chart, you will receive information that can help you to gain clarity in your life.

Discover what human design gates are being activated for you in 2023

Together we will examine your human design chart + I will let you know what energies are coming up for you each month of 2023.

We will create a roadmap of sorts, so that you are better prepared for the experience.

You will be able to notice the patterns that come up. This allows you to harness the energies of these patterns for healing rather than being triggered by them.

It will guide your actions + show you your higher self that you're working towards becoming + what actions you can take to get there with more ease. It aligns you with what you truly desire.
We’ll spend an hour together on zoom.
We'll have time to discuss any questions you may have.
I’ll record the session for you too!
This is perfect for anyone that feel stuck, anxious, worried or distracted by the current state of things.
These sessions are for anyone that is ready to gain clarity + shift their manifesting energy in a big way!
When you live according to your design you are empowered to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be!
what others are saying about their sessions:
"It really blew me away that you were able to see so much from my chart + know these things about me, but the session really resonated. You validated so many things for me. I have so much more confidence in what I need to do to move forward in my life now. Thank you so much!!"
"I feel so excited to move into this next phase of my life. I feel like the phoenix rising. Thank you so much for your guidance"
"Only my best friend knows this much about me! You were so right on about so many things. You called me out in such a loving way, I really appreciate the mirror that you held up for me to see myself honestly. I really need to stop doing so much for others + start focusing on myself + what I want to do"
" I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am so impressed by your reading of my chart. I have had human design readings before, but this made so much more sense. You made it simple for me to understand. I also liked how you gave me action steps to do to start moving forward now."
"This was hands down the best human design reading I have ever gotten! I appreciate how simple you made everything"
"I am still learning from our session every time I rewatch the recording but I want to tell you how much my life has changed since our session together. I no longer allow my boundaries to be crossed + people are noticing that I have changed. They call me the new Sarah, lol. Thank you so much!"

After purchase you will receive an email with the link to book your session.

SESSION DETAILS: I have many days + times between 12pm-5pm PST available. We will meet on zoom + the session will be recorded for you.


$155.00 USD